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3 Layer Portable Acoustic Fencing

What Would You Rather Do: Buy Acoustic Fencing Locally and Spend a Fortune or Import From Us and Save as Much as You Could

The 3 layer acoustic fencing is an alternative acoustic solution for exterior noise reduction. Usually we recommend to use our 4 layer noise barrier, but if you have lower requirments regarding acoustic performance or have a lower budget. You can choose our 3 layers acoustic barrier fence.

The difference is obvious, 3 vs. 4 layer. The 4th layer is sound insulation felt(mass loaded vinyl) which is quite heavy and important for acoustic performance. 4 layer sound barrier can block up to 27dB, while 3 layer acoustic fencing can only block about 15dB. 3 layer sound proof fencing is lightweight compared to 4 layer noise barrier fencing.

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Benefits of Acoustic Temporary Fencing

    Reduce noise complaints
    Improve company reputation
    Extend operating hours
    Reduce time and cost of the project
    Improve working conditions

Applications of Acoustic Fencing

    Construction and demolition sites
    Utility maintenance sites
    Works staff welfare sites
    Railway maintenance and replacement works
    Sports, Music and other public events

Portable Fence Technical Data

    Acoustic performance: 10–20dB noise reduction (greater if barriers doubled)
    Dimensions: 1.0x2.4m
    Density: 1.35 kg/m2


    Steel Hook, or pastic buckle for fencing

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*We are the Factory.

*Acoustically Effective.

*Visually Attractive.

*OEM/ODM Available.

*Fireproof & Eco-friendly.

*Competitive Price.

*Worldwide Shipping.

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*Made in China.




*U.S. ASTM F963-11: Pass

*EN 71-3: 2013: Pass

*ISO140-3: 1995

*ISO 9001: 2008



*2008 China Building Materials Enterprises Top 100 Evaluation Campaign Recommended "Leading Brand

*2009 China Building Materials "Most Trusted Brand"

*2010 Shanghai World Expo Business Card "Recommended Enterprise"

*Council Member of Guangdong Decoration Materials Association



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Selected News


*201603 Got 300,000 USD order from a construction company in South Asia

*201507 ODM for a Europe company with 12,000m2 in 2015

*201402 Supplying for a bridge project with 5,000m2 in Hong Kong

*201301 First version of noise barrier was developed

*201210 Start to design and develop sound barrier fence upon request