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Noise Barrier for Temporary fence

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The 4 layer noise barrier is our standard outdoor acoustic fence. Outdoor sound barrier consists of temporary fencing noise barrier and fixed sound barrier. Fixed sound barrier is usually made of iron or concrete and once it's installed, it lasts for decades. So it's usually expensive and we don't produce. If your want portable sound barrier so that you can easily move it to from one place to another, you have come to the right place. We can help!

Our 4 layer noise barrier is produced using an optimal weight and density of PVC acoustic membrane, and are hand-sewn to ensure they retain the highest level of strength.  There is a layer of sound insulation felt, a layer of acoustic foam and a unique waterproof lining on the back of the barrier.  The unique performance of the acoustic wool/foam will therefore not deteriorate as the barriers age and wear. This is particularly useful where temporary acoustic fencing are being used on construction sites, or in extreme weather conditions.

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Since the noise barrier blanket is flexible, it's not freestanding. It need to be hanged or attached to something else. Iron temporary fence is a perfect match. From another point of view, temporary fence can block din but can't block nosie. Once a site requires not only to block din, but also noise, you will need both noise barrier and temporary fence.

Our acoustic temporary fencing products are being used worldwide on a variety of exterior projects, from large scale construction sites to small engineering projects. The barrier’s flexibility means it can be used across most applications. Its design decides it is easy to assemble, disassemble, transport and store, making it the perfect temporary noise barrier for all uses.

One of the most effective uses of the 4 layer temporary noise barrier fence is when several panels are joined together and used as a outdoor Noise barrier wall. A wall is created by surrounding a site with barriers which have been attached to fencing. It works by keeping the noise in, so the din from even the noisiest of drills or banging can be reduced. The barriers absorb the sound and basically don’t reflect it back, resulting in a possible reduction of up to 27dB depending on the correct use of the barrier. 

Standard size: 1.0 x 2.4 meter
Density: 7.0 kg/m2

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*U.S. ASTM F963-11: Pass

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*ISO140-3: 1995

*ISO 9001: 2008



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*201603 Got 300,000 USD order from a construction company in South Asia

*201507 ODM for a Europe company with 12,000m2 in 2015

*201402 Supplying for a bridge project with 5,000m2 in Hong Kong

*201301 First version of noise barrier was developed

*201210 Start to design and develop sound barrier fence upon request